Our Custom Homes Process

JMC has built numerous custom homes all around Columbia at many different budgets. We will be happy to assist you through the process and deliver you the home of your dreams. Here is the custom home process:


Step 1

Planning stage

What kind of house? Slab or walkout? Specific locations? School districts? What time frame do you have? What is your budget and do you have financing secured?

Step 2

Plans and Lot selection

Refine a floor plan and choose a specific location.

Step 3


Sign a contract that best meets your goals. Guaranteed Price or Cost Plus?

Step 4


Meet with suppliers and pick everything from cabinets to lights. While you are picking colors, JMC will purchase the lot and begin lining up the workers.

Step 5


Construction begins! Throughout the process, JMC will be in regular contact with progress updates. Additionally, you will be asked to do some specific home walk throughs to get everything perfect.

  • Electrical walk through – verify each light, outlet and switch are exactly where you want them to be.

  • Trim walk through – customize the trim work to suite your individual preferences.

  • Final walk through – the house is 99% complete and this is your chance to put the blue tape on anything not perfect. JMC will get it resolved.

Step 6

Insulation and sheetrock

Verify the house will stay warm and finish the interior walls structure.

Step 7

Flooring & Trim

Lay the flooring before adding cabinets and trim work.

Step 8

Paint & Finish

Paint those new walls, hang the lights, and put in the carpet.

Step 9

Clean & Landscape

Clean it inside and out and install the new grass.

Step 10


Officially sign the paperwork, pay any final bills, and get the keys to your new custom home.

Step 11


JMC will reach out to you at 1 month and 11 months to address any warranty item.