Our Building Process


Step 1

Plans & Land

Pick a floor plan and land that fits your family best.

Step 2

Energy & Permits

Verify energy code compliance and apply for the required building permits.

Step 3


Remove debris and prepare the flat ground for concrete. If a basement, dig the basement hole.

Step 4


Pour footings to support the house, pour walls for a basement, pour the floors.

Step 5


Construct the walls and roof of the house. Add house wrap for moisture barrier and shingles to keep out the water.

Step 6

Rough Ins

Install the wires, plumbing, and hvac systems.

Step 7

Exterior Masonry & Siding

Finish the exterior before adding gutters.

Step 8

Insulation and sheetrock

Verify the house will stay warm and finish the interior walls structure.

Step 9

Flooring & Trim

Lay the flooring before adding cabinets and trim work.

Step 10

Paint & Finish

Paint those new walls, hang the lights, and put in the carpet.

Step 11

Clean & Landscape

Clean it inside and out and install the new grass.